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Monday, January 26, 2009

Enter The Tangent Space (dot com)

Here's a new site for exploring cool math ideas:

My blog posts here have often alternated between technically detailed mathy or algorithmic thoughts, and more informal musings on life, the world, and interesting things in it. In my mind, there are really two audiences - one for the mathy stuff, and one for everything else. So it probably makes sense to have two places to put these different thoughts. From now on, my posts here will be less mathy, and I'll feel free to go math-crazy (or algorithm-crazy, as the case may be) on thetangentspace.

I'm trying a new type of blog with thetangentspace. It's about math research, and research is about communicating and collaborating. Even if it's a slow channel, it's an interactive process. So thetangentspace is both a blog and a wiki. The blog is meant as an easy stream of intuitive ideas - something you can keep up with, without investing too much thought. The wiki is where the details go - the full proofs and formal definitions. It's also a place for other mathematicians to make significant additions - beyond what you can leave in the comments of a blog - using the same software as wikipedia. My hope is that some of the ideas and questions I post will inspire others to build on these initial offerings.

Check it out!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I just launched the alpha version of

This is a website I've been working on for the past month, meant to help connect great math teachers with motivated middle and high school students. The idea is to provide a centralized library that many math teachers can contribute to, and which gives students free access to short, focused videos. I imagine teachers recommending them as supplementary material to classes, or students searching for a single particular topic while stuck on their homework or studying for a test, or even curious people learning new things on their own.

I plan to continue adding features and videos to this site gradually over time. YouTube and other math-oriented sites already offer videos, but I think mathskool is unique in focusing on math education, being free, and encouraging a more interactive community with a nice question/answer system. For now I've included a few videos of my own, and several from other people.

Let me know if you know any math teachers who might be interesting in using or contributing to the site. The next step is to start building a community of users - teachers and students.

Check it out!