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Sunday, September 21, 2008

exposé: poorly Lego'd Eggos

It's always interesting when a new mix of two different worlds pops up. Remember when Drew Barrymore married Tom Green? Sometimes these things work out - like the glory of rock stardom and video games. Other times the result is disturbing and creepy - like anime and ronald mcdonald.

I try to be optimistic, so I was pretty excited when I found out Eggo had released a Lego-themed waffle. At long last, food I can legitimately play with! This was awesome - two things I really enjoyed as a kid (and still do, though less often) - creativity and edibility, all in one.

Imagine the profound depths of my chagrin when I discovered the horrible truth. Gentle reader, let my folly be your tale of caution:

You can't actually build anything with Lego Eggos.

Someone, somewhere along the way made an unspeakably heinous design decision and decided that three holes on the bottom of the wafflebricks would fit just fine with the 8 pegs on top. Please refer to the photographic evidence.

Why?!?!? As a mathematician, I can attempt to quantify the magnitude of this engineering catastrophe with a simple formula:

8 pegs + 3 holes = WTF

As you can see, these wafflebricks do not stack any better than standard waffles.

You have been warned.